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Email links not working

If you find that none of the email links on ArtStation or on your ArtStation website are working, the problem is with your browser and not setting up a default email client. If you don't set up a default email client, no email links will work online - not on ArtStation, not anywhere.

ArtStation uses the universal HTML mailto tag that has existed practically since the internet began.

The tag looks like this:

<a href="">Email</a>

With webmail becoming more popular, browsers sometimes don't get set up with a default mail application.

The solution for this is to set up an email client with your browser. Google "clicking mailto link nothing happens" to find solutions to your browser.

Can you set up an email form instead?

No because forms are more hackable and spammable than email. Forms are very simple to backengineer and for spammers to use bots to send requests spamming everyone. If you use something like Gmail, the spam filter is very good and is better for this kind of thing.