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How do I stream to ArtStation using Twitch?

ArtStation users who have Twitch accounts can stream to ArtStation. There are 2 areas to stream to:

  1. ArtStation home page - stream using #artstation
  2. Challenges - stream using the challenge hashtag provided on the challenge submission page. (See instructions below).

Here is how to stream to ArtStation using Twitch.

For the impatient

  1. Connect your Twitch account with your ArtStation account here.
  2. Stream on Twitch to the "Creative" channel and use a hashtag that starts with #artstation. Any stream in "Creative" that starts with #artstation (case insensitive - can be #ArtStation) will appear on ArtStation on the home page and challenge-specific tags will appear on both the home page and challenge pages. E.g. if you are streaming to a challenge with hashtag #artstation-concept-art-challenge it will appear on both the home page and challenge pages.

It may take up to 5 minutes or more before it appears on the home page.

Setting yourself up to stream to Twitch

For a more detailed guide to setting up Twitch, please download the Twitch Creative Streaming Guide.

  1. Sign up for a Twitch account.
  2. Download Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) from here.
  3. In OBS, create a new streaming profile and set your broadcast settings for use with Twitch. You have to copy your Stream Key from your Twitch broadcast dashboard. Set up other streaming settings to your liking.
  4. When streaming to Twitch, make sure that you set the "Game" to "Creative".

Verify that you can stream directly to Twitch first, before attempting to stream to ArtStation.

Streaming to ArtStation

First verify that you are streaming and that your stream is showing on Twitch on their "Creative" channel (set "game" to "Creative"). Once your stream is on Twitch, you can stream to ArtStation.

1. Hook up your account with Twitch on your settings page. You only need to do this once.

2. Set the correct hashtag for your broadcast title

ArtStation will ingest streams with hashtags that begin with #artstation (provided that you have connected your account with Twitch). Everything that starts with #artstation will appear on the home page. Challenge-specific hashtags will appear on both the home page and the challenges e.g. #artstation-concept-art-challenge will appear on both the home page and challenge pages.

If you are streaming to a specific challenge, get the challenge hashtag on your challenge submission page:

3. Continue streaming - ArtStation will update the stream

Generally it take 5 minutes or more for changes in Twitch to reflect. ArtStation will poll Twitch to find your stream and show it.