How are artworks Picked? | ArtStation

How are artworks Picked?

Picks are based on the number of likes by the community, followed by a pass by ArtStation staff.

Step 1 - Shortlisting by the ArtStation community

Artworks are liked by the community within a certain timeframe. In general, artworks with many likes within a short timeframe are shortlisted. This shortlist is presented to ArtStation staff daily.

Step 2 - Staff picking

ArtStation staff pick a variety of artworks based on quality, content and diversity. We generally try to pick a good range of artworks covering different genres, styles and media.

Tips on getting your artwork picked

The ArtStation community is a social network. You generally get what you put in. From what we have observed, artists who are successful in the ArtStation community show the following signs of engagement:

Publishing consistently over time. E.g. new work every week Engaging with other artists by following them, liking their works and commenting. Other artists follow you back because of this. It is important to gain a following, as your followers are notified when you publish new work. This typically results in your work trending upwards as your followers Like your newly published work, and help your artwork to get Picked as it gets shortlisted.

Why wasn't my artwork picked?

Please note that we cannot provide reasons as to why certain artworks were picked and why others weren't. Due to the volume of work submitted, it is physically impossible for ArtStation staff to judge all artwork posted to the site and sometimes it just takes us time to review artwork. We do our best, but please remember that ArtStation is free to use so please be reasonable with what you expect. We don't get paid to sit around all day picking artwork.

We also wish to clarify that ArtStation is not an awards competition. Such competitions tend to charge entry fees, which cover the costs of judges to evaluate entries. ArtStation is a social network and we feature work based on what the community upvotes.

ArtStation is a community site that is freely available to help the industry. Please be reasonable regarding what you expect ArtStation to do. Don't email us asking why your artwork was not picked or how to get picked, etc. We already do our best to keep the site running optimally and questions like this are not helpful.

Please also see "How do I get more visibility for my work?" for tips on getting increasing the attention for your work.

Can I have a badge/award for having my work Picked?

No. Picks are not an award. They are just a way for us to highlight some work that we think is noteworthy.

Why can't picks be awards?

Because picks are based mostly on likes, which is affected by the popularity of the artist and the effects of the social network.

To be absolutely fair, an awards competition needs to have a formal submission process and a panel of judges that evaluates ALL submissions. Because we cannot realistically do this with the social network, Picks will never be an award.

But other sites give badges for picks

Yes and we believe it is silly. Many of these sites that do this simply give awards to their friends. You'll see an artist with a few likes on their work with a "Gold Award" or "Master Award" - based on what? What criteria? Was the judge qualified to confer this award? There's no fair submission or judging process where all work is evaluated objectively.

Does ArtStation have an award?

Yes it does! For Challenges - The ArtStation Award is for winning a Challenge. These are proper competitions with clear submission and judging procedures. If you want an award, you should join a challenge.