How does the Trending Wall work? | ArtStation

How does the Trending Wall work?

The Trending wall is generally based on the number of Likes from the time that a project was published. The algorithm also takes into account other factors such as who the voter is - artists with many followers have more influence over how works trends on ArtStation.

How do I get my artwork to trend?

The trending algorithm is based on the number of likes from the time that a project was published. This enables newer artworks with a few likes to trend higher and for older artworks (even with many likes) to drift down the trending wall. Please note that the Trending and Picks walls are moderated (see below).

Artists with many followers tend to have artwork that trends higher as their followers are notified when new artwork is posted. Therefore, you should engage in the social aspects of the site (following other users, commenting and liking other's artworks) to gain followers for future posts. Many top ArtStation artists publish work regularly, which helps to build an audience over time.

Also, share your work to get attention. E.g. when you publish artwork on ArtStation, it asks you if you'd like to post to Facebook and Twitter as well. This drives traffic to your work, and if you are networked with other artists on those networks who are also on ArtStation, this can help you to get more followers and likes.

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How is the Trending wall moderated?

In order to make ArtStation a safe, inclusive and professional website that caters to the professional art industry, we moderate the Trending and Picks walls.

Generally we allow and encourage most kinds of artwork.

Artistic nudes and anatomical studies are fine as long as you check the mature content checkbox when publishing your work.

Some artwork, however, we choose not to promote on the Trending wall. They do not violate our terms of service, but we feel are inappropriate for us to feature given what our core audience expects to see on a professional site.

In these cases, we moderate the work so that it does not appear on the trending wall. The work is still promoted to followers and the social network via the activity feed, but it will not appear on the Trending wall.

We generally will moderate artwork that:

  • is of a sexual nature - even if only partial, suggested or even no nudity is shown,
  • objectifies women - large cleavage, underboob, underskirt, work that is intended to titilate. It doesn't matter if there is no nudity - if sexuality or intent to titilate is there, we moderate it.
  • lacks artistic merit - ArtStation is aimed at a professional and aspiring professional audience. Sometimes, works that lack the artistic merit expected on a site like ArtStation makes it to the Trending wall due to the nature of the algorithm, and we remove these from Trending.

Don’t be cheeky like this. We actively moderate the Trending wall. In this unfortunate situation, the work is actually quite good overall but the artist focused the thumbnail on the boobs. Be professional in how you present your work.

To be clear, these works are not removed from the site and can still get hundreds of likes from followers and the social network.


ArtStation is a professional site and it is used by many people working in studios in professional environments. We allow many kinds of work to be on ArtStation, but some artworks we have to be careful with as it can send the wrong message.

We have to make difficult decisions all the time about what work should be featured. ArtStation takes a more conservative approach to moderation as we want ArtStation to be professional and inclusive. It is this approach to moderation that has helped us to become the leading professional network for artists. Overwhelmingly, we hear from users thanking us for moderating the website.

Why was my artwork removed from the Trending wall?

Please note that our customer service team does not answer questions about why certain artworks are not Trending. Our moderation team does moderate the Trending wall (see above for general guidelines). Our customer service team cannot respond to any requests as to why a specific piece was removed from Trending, why it wasn't Picked, etc. Thanks for your understanding.