How do I password protect sections of my website? | ArtStation

How do I password protect sections of my website?

Note: This feature is only available to ArtStation Pro members.

You can password protect pages on your ArtStation website. On the Website Builder > Pages, create or edit a page, and on the right panel there is a password box. Once you have set a password, visitors to that page will be prompted for a password.


  • Only the page is password protected - not assets. i.e. although the page itself is password protected, in theory someone who views the page can get the direct URL to the image, and share that. If this is a big problem, we recommend that you use a more secure method of sharing protected assets such as Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.

  • Links from the page are not password protected. e.g. if you link to another page, or projects on your website, those are not password protected.

Based on user feedback, we are currently working on being able to password protect albums and projects.