Payouts - When and how do I get paid? | ArtStation

Payouts - When and how do I get paid?

ArtStation does payouts direct to bank accounts on a weekly basis on Monday, provided that your account balance is above the minimum payout threshold.

Payout Settings

On the Payouts and Earnings page, you can set your bank account information to have payments made to.

Payout Schedule

Payouts happen on a rolling weekly basis every Monday. At the end of sales period (1 week), earnings are held for 1 week for all funds to clear, handle chargebacks, refunds, etc. After this 1 week period, the account balance will automatically be paid out to your bank account.

Payouts Fees

Because ArtStation does direct payouts to bank accounts internationally to almost all countries, there are payout fees that are automatically deducted by our payout partners at the time of payout. Payout fees range from $1 - $10 depending on which country your bank is in. Your payout fee will be displayed on the Payouts & Earnings page after you have hooked up a bank account.

If your bank account is located outside the US, funds will be automatically converted into your local bank account currency using a live currency conversion rate at the time of payment - which generally will be a better rate than what your bank would offer you.


Is PayPal supported for payouts?

No, PayPal is not supported for payouts for certain legislative and PayPal limitation reasons. We are using another payout partner where cash is paid directly to bank accounts worldwide. From our discussions with artists on the platform, this is overwhelmingly preferred.