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Printed Product Earnings

(Currently in closed Alpha testing)

ArtStation enables you to sell prints of your artworks! You just upload, start selling and earning!

How it works

This is how ArtStation Prints earnings work:

Base Price + Artist Margin = Retail Price

Base Price

The base price covers ArtStation's service fees. We deal with all the printing, hosting, marketing, supply chain, shipping/handling, payment processing fees. In that base fee, we also deal with the cases that you definitely don't want to deal with including customer support, potential returns, reshipping on damaged goods, etc.

Artist Margin (your earnings)

This is how much you make from each sale. When creating a new print, ArtStation pre-fills recommended amounts. You can edit those amounts.

Pro members make more on each sale: 5% of the Base Price on top of the artist margin. e.g. if the base price is $30, and your markup is $10, you would earn $10 + $1.50 = $11.50 per sale instead of $10 per sale.